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Challenge yourself. Challenge your friends. Discover if you can Think Like Churchill.

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Uncover Winston Churchill's leadership style

Winston Churchill’s mixture of intelligence and recklessness helped him face up to some of history’s most challenging dilemmas. He was certainly courageous, but he wasn’t always right. Find out if you can do better. 

This app takes you into his thinking process and helps to reveal the nature of his leadership genius. I have no doubt Churchill would be a man for apps of all kinds.

  — Boris Johnson

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Make Decisions That Change History

Should you risk your life to escape from prison?  Should you use ground troops in the Dardanelles campaign? Should Britain fight Germany or negotiate? Take part in decisions that changed the course of history.

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Inspired by Boris Johnson's biography of Churchill

Boris Johnson's book, The Churchill Factor, helps bring essential biographical and historical context to each decision. Learn more about Churchill's life as you explore his leadership style and decision making process.

Read the press release here.


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Analyse your decision to see if you Think Like Churchill

See how closely your decision matches Churchill’s with in-depth analysis from an expert psychologist. Then use this information to improve your own decision-making. 

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Discover Winston Churchill's speeches, letters and more

Throughout the app, access Churchill’s own thoughts and writings, the advice of friends and colleagues, as well as rare archive material, including intelligence reports, private letters, telegraphs and briefing documents.

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